A Mobile App/Art design challenge

Going full STEAM


NOV 8, 2020 (Sunday) MIDNIGHT PST


NOV 15 2020 (Sunday)

A g e s  :   1 0  - 1 8 ,  i n d i v i d u a l   a n d   g r o u p s

D I V I S I O N S :  U P T O   3   D I V I S I O N S

E X P E R I E N C E   N E E D E D  :   N O N E 

S U B M I S S I O N S   O N L I N E

A P P A T H O N . E K A L @ G M A I L . C O M


  • This year's App-a-thon will be completely online! And we have participation from around the world.

  • Rules are being put together no, observe this space for more.

Square Stage


The organizing team is a group of Engineers in the San Diego area, with a penchant to work with  young minds, and encourage them to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics as viable academic and career options. Over the course of a typical App-a-thon, students from various parts of the San Diego county gather at the venue and engage in a day long exercise of app development and digital art.

The COVID-19 situation has compelled us to reevaluate our options, and as a result, we have decided to go completely online, thus opening the floor to K-12 students the world over. That's right! We will be announcing the theme of the event as early as October 1st, so keep an eye on this space! From then, as an individual participant or as a team, you may submit your work by the deadline NOV 8, 2020 (Sunday) Midnight Pacific Standard Time. Your work will require you to submit a presentation or a video and proof of work (as an example: an interview with one of our mentors). From then, we will need a week to review the submissions and select the winners.



Liam Tan
Sophomore, Canyon Crest Academy, San Diego

Liam Tan, 14, is a sophomore at Canyon Crest Academy in San Diego, California. He is interested in computer science and engineering. He has had years of experience in Java programming, as well as some experience in Python, HTML, and JavaScript.  Every week, Liam assists in teaching Java at The League of Amazing Programmers.


He has participated in the 2017 D4SD, Forcepoint Cybersecurity Coding Competition, and is currently working on an app for the Congressional App Competition. In his free time, Liam enjoys playing the violin, practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, biking, and creating video games.

Andric Li
Sophomore, Canyon Crest Academy, San Diego

Andric Li is currently a sophomore at Canyon Crest Academy. He enjoys learning about math, science, visual arts, and computer science. He is experienced in programming in Python, Java, and C#.

  Andric plays on the varsity tennis team for his school. He is also the founder of the game design club and is also a very active member in speech and debate club. He is very interested in technology because he feels that technology makes life easier and more convenient for everyone. He hopes as a mentor, he can share his interest to all the participants in the Appathon.

Anjali Koganti
Scripps Ranch High School

Anjali, 16, is a senior at Scripps Ranch High School and former Ekal Appathon contestant with interested in computer science. Anjali is Vice President of her school’s Girls Who Code Club. She participated in the 2019 Technovation App Competition where her team’s app made it to the semifinals, only one of 100 out of 5000 total teams. She also worked on research analyzing brain EEG data during REM sleep this past summer at UCSD.

Outside of computer science, Anjali enjoys Indian classical dance, piano, and volunteering at her local library. Anjali hopes to harness her knowledge of Thunkable and Java to assist this year’s Appathon participants.

Andrew Masek
Sophomore, Canyon Crest Academy, San Diego

Andrew Masek is a 15-year-old sophomore at Canyon Crest Academy with an interest in Computer Science, Political Science, and Engineering.  He has experience in programming with  C#, Python, HTML, CSS, and Java.


As the founding president of his school's Game Design Club and Senior Engineer of the Hydroponics Club he hopes to encourage scientific interests in his peers in creative ways.  When away from his computer, he enjoys swimming and playing table tennis.  He is participating in the Congressional App Challenge and has a marked interest in helping this year's Appathon participants create projects they can continue to develop and learn from.



Mobile app design

MIT App-inventor

Level - Intermediate

Tested by Mentors


Level - Intermediate

Tested by Mentors

XCode and Swift 

Level - Beginner

Untested by Mentors

XCode and Swift 

Level - Advanced

Tested by Mentors

Game design with Alice - Advanced

Tested by Mentors


Level - Intermediate

Tested by Mentors


Stop motion DIY

Level - Easy

Plastic iPad animation app

Level - Easy

Living paper

Level - Advanced

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