A Mobile App/Art design challenge

Going full STEAM


Dec 27th, 2020 (Sunday) MIDNIGHT PST


JAN 11 2021 (Sunday)

A g e s  :   1 0  - 1 8 ,  i n d i v i d u a l   a n d   g r o u p s

D I V I S I O N S :  U P T O   3   D I V I S I O N S

E X P E R I E N C E   N E E D E D  :   N O N E 

S U B M I S S I O N S   O N L I N E

A P P A T H O N . E K A L @ G M A I L . C O M


  • The contest is set. Scroll down for themes and submission guidelines. Registration is open too.

  • Themes this year (choose one)

  • Environment

  • Health and Wellness



Humanity has not been given a precedent for the events that transpired in the year 2020. To view it through a single lens of the corona virus or the spate of wildfires in the west would be too narrow. Instead, we need to look at as a test. A test that prepares us for several more manmade world events. It is with this intent that this year's App-a-thon has chosen two themes - Environment, Health and Wellness


Dig deep. What really caused the wildfires in California? A spark from an electric power line? Or a gender reveal party? Are there no simpler ideas to contain the fires? For example, communities in Israel are using cattle to thin out flammable vegetation. For this example, your submission might simply be a piece of art demonstrating this practice.

Do not limit yourself to the above specific example. Broaden and think big and propose your idea to solve manmade environmental disasters. Your idea might very well save us from another man-made world event.


Health and Wellness

While health is specific, wellness is quite broad. What helps us be well during trying situations such as right now?

In the virtual world, the influence that a 16 year old casts on a 14 year old is nearly lost. The 14 year old has to derive inspiration from leaderboards. But what about the human connections? The body language, for example? Or the emotional intelligence that drives the younger one to duplicate the elder's success?

The change that an app like TikTok has brought about to address cannot be understated. Another such example would be Peleton where you can engage virtually and compete for physical success (exercise)

Above are the themes, with a few generalized examples. But do not limit yourselves to these examples. Broaden your field of view and attack the theme laterally to earn a chance to win. Below is a judging rubric video we made for the 2018 contest. The method we use to determine the winners is still applicable (the theme Smart schools, used in 2018 is not applicable)


Submission guidelines

  • All teams should have a team name, and be registered. A google drive folder will be provided to the team after the team is registered.

  • The Google drive folder where you would need to upload the following:

    • A video where you demonstrate your work, the length of the video should not exceed 5 minutes. The Ekal appathon team will upload into our youtube channel and provide you the link.

    • A link to the work (e.g., your primilinary animation work, a Github repository, MIT app inventor link)

    • List out the development platforms and software used for the project (e.g.,  MIT app inventor, Scratch, Flutter Dev, Unity)

Key Dates

All deadlines are Midnight Pacific Time Zone. A team may choose to submit all work directly on the final submission date, however sticking to the dates listed below gets you points, and hence a better chance to win!

November 1, 2020 (Sun), Midnight

Ekal Appathon official start - 11/1/20 


November 29, 2020 (Sun), Midnight

Concept submission - this is when you present the theme. Make a video or even a word document. Place it in the Google drive. Build to impress!

December 13, 2020 (Sun), Midnight

Submission of a first draft of your work in the Google drive.

December 27, 2020 (Sun), Midnight

Final submission of your work. Place in the Google drive.


Note : Between submission of the first draft and your final submission, Any number of changes can be submitted to the code. Showing the progression of the development helps the judges understand your work and your team better.




Stop motion DIY

Level - Easy

Plastic iPad animation app

Level - Easy

Living paper

Level - Advanced

Mobile apps

MIT App-inventor

Level - Intermediate

Tested by Mentors


Level - Intermediate

Tested by Mentors

XCode and Swift 

Level - Beginner

Untested by Mentors

XCode and Swift 

Level - Advanced

Tested by Mentors

Game design with Alice - Advanced

Tested by Mentors


Level - Intermediate

Tested by Mentors