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Final submit

Feb 14 2021

Organize your work into a final submission. Create a video or a word doc explaining your work and roles played by all members.

Place it in the devpost


Feb 28, 2021

Results will be announced on this website and winners will be contacted over email. A live event is under consideration


Registration fee is as follows for Americas, Europe and ANZ

  • $25 for team of 1 person

  • $50 for teams of 2-3 persons

Registration fee is as follows for India

  • ₹500 for team of 1 person

  • ₹1000 for team of 2-4 persons

All teams should have a team name, and be registered.

All submissions will be on Devpost.

An individual may register with only one team.


All submissions will now be on Devpost make sure to apply there, here is the link: 

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