A Mobile App/Art design challenge

Going full STEAM

2017 Edition gallery

Nov 4, 2018 (Sunday)

Qualcomm (Building Q)

6455 Lusk Blvd, San Diego, CA

A g e s  :   1 0  - 1  8 ,  I N   G R O U P S   O F   3 - 5 , 

D I V I S I O N S O N E   D I V I S I O N   O N L Y

E X P E R I E N C E   N E E D E D   N O N E 

B R I N G L A P T O P ,   P H O N E ,   A R T G E AR

A P P A T H O N . E K A L @ G M A I L . C O M


  • Nov 5: Event over! Check out the Gallery.

  • Nov 1: In case you're wondering, the theme this year is Smart schools (see judging rubric video below). Prop to be given at the start of the event.

  • Oct 23: Checkout the judging rubric video in the slides below, ​explains how your work is graded! 

  • Paid internship opportunity (read Prizes slide below)

  • Aug 25: We are going STEAM, read on.

Judging rubric




From now until the day of the event, the mentors have one mission on hand. They are preparing themselves to help ideators such as you realize your apps. Oh the barrage of questions and the myriad of problems you bring, they will help you solve them.

Here they are, and watch this space for more...

Jake Stenger
  • quanta
Senior, The Bishop's school, La Jolla

Jake Stenger is a high school senior at The Bishop’s School in San Diego, California. He is fascinated by computer science, physics and math. He has worked with Java and Python and is especially interested in the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics.

His extracurriculars at Bishop’s include the VEX robotics team, Model United Nations club, and writing for Quanta, a student run science magazine. In his free time he enjoys playing basketball, surfing, skiing, and mountain biking. He is excited to help ideators develop new programming skills and guide them in turning their concepts into working apps.

Andrew Masek
Sophomore, Canyon Crest Academy, San Diego

Andrew Masek is a 15-year-old sophomore at Canyon Crest Academy with an interest in Computer Science, Political Science, and Engineering.  He has experience in programming with  C#, Python, HTML, CSS, and Java.


As the founding president of his school's Game Design Club and Senior Engineer of the Hydroponics Club he hopes to encourage scientific interests in his peers in creative ways.  When away from his computer, he enjoys swimming and playing table tennis.  He is participating in the Congressional App Challenge and has a marked interest in helping this year's Appathon participants create projects they can continue to develop and learn from.

Image 9-30-18 at 10.27 PM 2.jpg
Rohit Raguram
Senior, The Bishop's school, La Jolla

Rohit is a senior at the Bishop's School in San Diego, California and is an active member and captain of their Academic League, QuizBowl, and History Bowl teams. In addition to these, Rohit enjoys participating in speech and debate and MUN tournaments around San Diego and is ready to bring the same passion he has for these activities as a mentor this year.

Rohit enjoys Computer Science, Biology and Medicine, Latin, and Physics among other things and can rarely be seen away from his Saxaphone and piano during his free time. Rohit has extensive experience with Java and Python programming and is excited to share his passion for innovation and tech with this year's appathon participants.

Julia Yang
Junior, Canyon Crest Academy, San Diego
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Julia Yang, 17,  is a high school senior at Canyon Crest Academy, interested in pursuing a computer science major. She is also intrigued by the combined concentration of computational linguistics and its applications in artificial intelligence.   She is currently performing research at UC San Diego’s Supercomputer Center on advanced AI methods in machine learning and semantic analysis. Additionally, she is employed as a “Code Sensei” at Code Ninjas, where she teaches children coding and the fundamentals of computer science.  


Outside of computer science, Julia is the Head Chair of the Youth Council of the San Diego Chapter of the American Red Cross. She is also president of her school’s Red Cross Club and Mock Trial Team. Additionally, she is the secretary of CCA’s Model United Nations Club and enjoys participating in her Varsity Parliamentary Debate Team. At the San Diego Youth Symphony, she holds the position as the Symphony Orchestra’s principal harpist.

Liam Tan
Sophomore, Canyon Crest Academy, San Diego

Liam Tan, 14, is a sophomore at Canyon Crest Academy in San Diego, California. He is interested in computer science and engineering. He has had years of experience in Java programming, as well as some experience in Python, HTML, and JavaScript.  Every week, Liam assists in teaching Java at The League of Amazing Programmers.


He has participated in the 2017 D4SD, Forcepoint Cybersecurity Coding Competition, and is currently working on an app for the Congressional App Competition. In his free time, Liam enjoys playing the violin, practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, biking, and creating video games.

Andric Li
Sophomore, Canyon Crest Academy, San Diego

Andric Li is currently a sophomore at Canyon Crest Academy. He enjoys learning about math, science, visual arts, and computer science. He is experienced in programming in Python, Java, and C#.

  Andric plays on the varsity tennis team for his school. He is also the founder of the game design club and is also a very active member in speech and debate club. He is very interested in technology because he feels that technology makes life easier and more convenient for everyone. He hopes as a mentor, he can share his interest to all the participants in the Appathon.



Mobile app design



Level - Intermediate

Tested by Mentors

MIT App-inventor

Level - Intermediate

Tested by Mentors

XCode and Swift 

Level - Advanced

Untested by Mentors

XCode and Swift 

Level - Advanced

Tested by Mentors

Game design with Alice - Advanced

Tested by Mentors


Level - Intermediate

Tested by Mentors


Stop motion DIY

Level - Easy

Plastic iPad animation app

Level - Easy

Living paper

Level - Advanced

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