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Health and Wellness
Image by takahiro taguchi

Health and Wellness

What helps us be well during trying situations such as right now? In the virtual world, the influence that a 16 year old casts on a 14 year old is nearly lost. The 14 year old has to derive inspiration from leaderboards. What then about the human connections? Body language makes for a tremendous learning channel? Or the emotional intelligence that drives the younger one to duplicate the elder's success?

The change that an app like TikTok has brought about to address cannot be understated. Another such example would be Peleton where you can engage virtually and compete for physical success (exercise).

What's your idea?

Smart Education
Image by Alex Knight

Smart Education

Have you been to a village with limited access to basic infrastructure such as schools? Picture the situation where the village does not have a school, yet everyone in the village has an internet enabled mobile phone.

What is stopping a child with such little access from choosing Youtube over a dedicated learning provider? In the world of instant learning, what makes you go from Youtube to say a Khan academy or a Coursera to dedicate yourself to a topic for 6 months and master it?

Make us an app that you think a child in rural India might want to use to learn something and put it to use right away.

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